Programs and Curriculum



Preschool and Pre-k Program
We offer a multi-age morning and full day program for ages 3-5 yrs old.  Spanish class is included in our curriculum and additional programs are offered such as Soccer Shots, Computer Class, or Music/Dance Class.

Before/After School Care
Before and After school care is available for students attending Penn London Elementary or Avon Grove Charter School for K-2nd grades.

Preschool & Pre-Kindergarten Curriculum Areas

Creative Curriculum®

The content for our multi-age preschool program is developed using Creative Curriculum®. This is a researched based curriculum built on the early education theory that young children learn best by hands-on exploration and discovery.


It is implemented in the classroom through variety of interest learning centers and project based investigations (project approach). The educational goals and objectives of the Creative Curriculum® are in complete alignment with the Pennsylvania Early Standards. Learning through play with Creative Curriculum® requires teachers to help children become active thinkers and problem solvers. Children are given the opportunity to use experimentation to find out how things work and to learn firsthand about the world they live in.


We use Creative Curriculum to establish children’s goals, plan, and implement activities and maintain a classroom environment that is warm, safe and developmentally appropriate.


Social & Emotional Development – PATHS Program

PATHS Program – “Promoting Alternative Thinking Strategies” is a social and emotional curriculum for young children. It helps children to learn about and express their feelings, as well as build positive self-esteem. Children learn good decision-making skills and responsibility for solving their own problems.

We encourage the children to work and play together cooperatively. Problem solving evolves naturally, and is an on-going process. For some children this is the first time away from home and in a group setting. Our multi-age classrooms allow younger children to see their peers as role models. Older children gain a positive sense of self-worth, as they are able to help others.


Social graces, using manners, and kind words, is also an important component in our curriculum.                                                                                                                                             

Handwriting without Tears

Handwriting Without Tears – The “Get Set for School” program has many child-friendly, developmentally appropriate materials and activities. This curriculum is not about formal handwriting instruction. It is an informal program that prepares children to hold a crayon, color and draw, and imitate letters and numbers through sensory play. Children play, build, sing, color and learn while developing important skills for Kindergarten: language proficiency, social skills, fine & gross motor control, color and shape awareness, letter and number recognition, and counting.


The program suits a wide range of children and adapts to their changing needs as they grow. Our art and writing center includes many writing and drawing tools. There are lots of opportunities for the use of these materials that reinforce fine motor development. As children become comfortable with writing tools they learn to draw shapes, write letters and numbers. In the art and writing area children become familiar with and proficient in using writing tools, scissors, stencils, glue sticks, etc.


Pre-Reading and Writing / Creative Journal

Early in the school year children begin drawing and writing in a “Creative Journal” that introduces and supports pre-reading and writing skills. The children have a chance to tell us about their pictures, we write their words down, and then read their words back to them. The children really enjoy this activity.

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